Entertainment Business Services

At Vortex Entertainment Group, we specialize in providing fractional services tailored to the unique needs of companies and brands providing for those in the creative space. Our team of seasoned professionals offers expertise across a wide range of critical areas to support your vision and drive success for your artists, composers/writers, filmmakers and content creators.

Select from the below to learn more about our offerings.


Core Service Offerings

Our Core Service Offerings are the areas for which we offer more comprehensive development, management and support. This is what we consider to be where we shine compared to others on the market. We love taking on bigger projects with lots of moving parts. 

Fractional Service Offerings

The entertainment industry is filled with specialists in the areas below and we aren’t here to replace any of them; we are here to serve them in growing their own businesses. By leveraging our fractional services, you gain access to top-tier talent and resources without the full-time commitment, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Partner with us to elevate your service or platform capabilities and achieve unparalleled growth for those you serve. 

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