Building Our Community

We are fortunate to have worked (or be currently working) with some great organizations and individuals who share our core values and philosophy. From our perspective, our clients are our partners. We become an extension of their brands and teams as facilitators of their projects. Our goal is to bring their vision(s) to life. With their help building a community of those who think outside the box and color outside the lines, we hope to continue to engage in great work and quality deliverables for the artists, creators, disruptors and innovators we serve.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"In late 2020, I was fortunate to find Vortex E.G. through LinkedIn in response to an ad for a music label product management role. As an agile PM for MediaGroove, they helped build out and manage our team as we've grown -- with a mind for strategy and deliverables that has tightened up our focus -- and implemented a system for pushing the team toward sustainable milestones. I'd strongly recommend them for PM roles where maximum communication and coordination of team efforts are a must!"
Will Kreth
Co-Founder at Hand + Founder at MediaGroove
"Vortex E.G. is a pot of gold under the rainbow! Not only have they helped us completely develop and implement an entire social media marketing system for our non-profit organization, they also helped manage our new team (and us), guiding us with their vast knowledge and expertise in this field. The team is driven, creative, devoted, and throws their entire heart and energy into all they do."

Katy Pfaffl
Artistic Director for Broadway for Arts Ed
"I very much appreciated the team's communication skills, flexibility, and eagerness to do the best job. They are highly competent and extremely thorough in covering all the marketing bases, leaving no stone unturned."

Golda Bitterli
Director of Sales at Revelator
"Vortex E.G. definitely brings a lot of value to the table. Their professionalism and attention to detail goes above and beyond the standard expectations. Paired with an outgoing and charismatic personality, those qualities can be infectious to those around them. The team has a true passion for everything they do and it is evident in how they go about their work. They don't leave anything undone and always strive for completion in everything they set out to do."

Ervin Cordero
Founder of Traklife Media Group
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