Fractional Artist Management Services

You may be thinking: I could do it all, but you could be more effective for your artist(s) if you had some help. Our team will only engage with your artist(s) so much as you feel comfortable and for us to get the job done. Our goal is not to become a full-fledged artist management company working directly with artists; we are looking to provide additional support for those already doing this. 

At Vortex Entertainment Group, we specialize in providing fractional services tailored to the unique needs of artist management companies. Our goal is to support and enhance your capabilities, allowing you to focus on nurturing your artists’ careers. Here’s a breakdown of the key services we offer specifically for artist management:

What We Offer

Our comprehensive artist management services are designed to support every aspect of an artist’s career, helping management companies optimize their operations and achieve greater success for their clients. 

Important: We don’t specialize in all areas and are transparent about this. If seeking merchandising production or sales strategies, physical distribution, tour planning or management, we would not be the best partner for these activities but could point you in the right direction for those in our vast network who could assist. Our job is to facilitate where we think our team will be most impactful.

Here’s what we can assist with:

1. Career Development

  • Long-term Career Planning: We work closely with artists to develop strategic, long-term career plans. This includes setting achievable goals, identifying opportunities for growth, and creating a roadmap for success.
  • Talent Development: Our team provides guidance and resources to help artists hone their craft, improve their performance skills, and expand their artistic repertoire.

2. Brand Building

  • Identity Development: We assist in creating a strong and cohesive brand identity that resonates with the artist’s target audience. This includes logo design, brand messaging, and visual aesthetics.
  • Reputation Management: Our services include managing and enhancing the artist’s public image through strategic media placements, social media strategies, and public relations efforts.

3. Industry Relations

  • Networking and Connections: Leveraging our extensive industry connections, we create opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and performance bookings.

4. Marketing and Promotion

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategies: We develop and implement marketing strategies that effectively promote the artist’s brand and projects, utilizing both traditional and digital platforms.
  • Social Media Management: Our team manages social media profiles, creating engaging content, and fostering positive interactions with fans.
  • Event Promotion: Our services include promoting concerts, appearances, and other events to maximize attendance and media coverage.
  • Website Management: We can help launch and manage websites, creating hubs for your artists’ to include up-to-date information about themselves and collect data about their audience. 

7. Financial Management

  • Revenue Stream Consulting: We ensure that artists are aware and can formulate a plan to tap into revenue streams they may not have considered for which would be a good fit.

8. Distribution Services

  • Digital Distribution: We manage the distribution of music across all major streaming platforms, ensuring your artists’ music reaches a global audience.

9. Special Projects

  • Album Launches: We manage the entire process of launching new albums, from production to promotion, ensuring a successful release.
  • Creative Campaigns: Our team develops and executes unique marketing campaigns and special projects tailored to the artist’s vision and goals.

By partnering with Vortex Entertainment Group, artist management companies can leverage our expertise and resources to enhance their operations and provide superior services to their artists. Our fractional services ensure flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to scale your support as needed while achieving exceptional results.


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